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BOG is Committed to Manage and Develop Berbera Oil Terminal to international industry standards

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We Deliver services that build trust, save money and resolve challenges — from Oil refinery to storage terminal, and everywhere in between.

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About BOG- Berbera Oil Group

BOG are group of companies that are responsible Berbera Oil Terminal

Berbera Oil Terminal is a world class onshore oil storage facility based in the rapidly developing port of Berbera, which is located in the Somaliland outside the Straits of Bab Almandab on the Gulf of Aden. BOG is an independent third party storage and owned by a group of shareholders including the government of Somaliland.

Berbera Oil Terminal locates at Coast of Berbera- Somaliland, Latitude: 10.4278, Longitude: 44.99455.

Chairman Message

  • Hello and welcome to Berbera Oil Group Website, We appreciate you taking the time to explore our website and please do get in touch if more information is required.

    Ali Yasin Koshin ― ChairMan

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Thousand Meter cubic Gas Oil
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